Harry Potter fans, host a party your guests will never forget with Magician Adam Stone performing as the character Nearly Headless Nick from the Harry Potter Books.

Sir Nicholas will lead you and your guests through a typical or rather an untypical day of classes at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Your guests will be instructed in charms, potions, divination, and of course defense against the dark arts.

The entire performance is completely interactive with lots of laughs and incredible magic. The show begins as each of your guests are sorted into their different houses; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Sir Nicholas will act as a substitute professor and teach many of your favorite Hogwarts spells including Alohomora, Wingardium Leviosa,

Goblet of Fire, like for real!

and even Expecto Patronum in case a dementor should appear, WHICH HE WILL!!!.

Adam has combined his love for the J.K. Rowling books with his imagination and years of magic experience to create a show you will never forget. Host a Hogwarts party in your home this Halloween.

Bookings dates are limited and scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Schedule today, unless you have a time turner, then schedule whenever you would like.

Why should kids have all fun? The books have been around since 1997 and it has been an integral part of so many childhoods. So why not tuck the kids in bed and throw a Potter Party of your own. Have magician and mentalist Adam Stone perform his special blend of Hogwarts themed magic. Imagine using hypnosis to confound one of your guests so they can no longer read, or a little flu power to create some gallons. After the show Adam will lead you and your guests through a potter themed trivia contest to see who has the brains of a Ravenclaw mixed with the drive of a Slythern. The show has been performed live on stage at multiple venues including the Arts Barn Theater in Gaithersburg Maryland and has been touted the best show the theater has ever presented.  

Harry Potter Day with the Washington Nationals

I had an exciting time performing for the Washington Nationals’ Harry Potter Day this year. It was hot, but I had plenty of Aguamenti to go around! I performed six pregame shows for the fans and had fun with David Hercenberg from Documented Video Productions as we roamed the stadium and shot some videos.